Re: VCFe (C2N232I) availability

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2006-10-03 20:06:53

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Datum: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 18:23:30 +0300
Von: "Marko Mäkelä" <>
> > I will release new versions of the software as soon as I get a chance to
> > test it with a C2N232I.
> Nicolas, any news about the C2N232I?

I sent the layout to my PCB manufacturer maybe four weeks ago. He told me that it's holiday time and I told him in return to make the boards when/if he has enough time. I hoped that they would be ready before last weekend so that I would have something to show at CC2006 in Nordhorn, but it failed. Still, I showed my old device and the cardboard model of the C2N232I and there was quite some interest.

Of course, during demonstration of my enhanced C2N232 the added RESET circuit and level converter broke (mechanically). Good I still had the jumper to bypass the circuit :)

I'm sure I will receive the boards withing the next four weeks, so we can proceed with the project. 

I have all other parts for 100 units already, so there will be no other delay. Only the shells and maybe datasette plugs have to be modified mechanically before they are sold to customers: The shell needs one hole for the IEC plug and the RESET jumper, and the datasette plugs needs to have the mounting holes removed, otherwise it won't fit into the 128DCR.


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