Re: 2001 chiclet keyboard

From: Gabriele Bozzi (
Date: 2006-09-28 08:34:01

Well, I did not know the fact of the 6530s. Obviously I never had a
Kim-1 to play :-(

Another curiosity: at startup the machine reports 3571.8743 bytes free
!!! Four decimal places of a byte: that's what I call precision!!
After a while a power-cycle restore the usual 31000-something bytes
free. Suspecting some capacitor has reached it's retirement age.

By the way: the chicklet keyboard is not that bad, maybe is because
nowadays we are used to surrogates like those laptop's keyboards that
now the toy-kb of the 2001 seems acceptable.

I found a ROM containing TIM and other stuff, I guess I will give the
2001 a try or some weeks on my desk.


On 9/27/06, Ethan Dicks <> wrote:
> On 9/27/06, Gabriele Bozzi <> wrote:
> > Well, makes sense to me.
> > Thus this is a 3008 (or 2001-N or B) under 2001's skin. After all is
> > not bad since I have the best (worst?) of both worlds: a chicklet
> > keyboard and a rom that manages disk drives.
> It's true that you shouldn't have IEEE issues as the original boards
> did, but C= did make upgrade ROMs for the 8K static PET board (the
> origininal), or you can install your own modern ROM adapter in the CPU
> socket - removable, so you could restore the PET to its original
> mis-functionality, but upgraded so you don't have the same problems.
> > Is it true what I read: that the original rev1 was a very close
> > derivative of the Kim-1 with video attached?
> While it wouldn't be surprising that the PET designers were familiar
> with the KIM, I think the  PET is a from-scratch design that happens
> to share the CPU.  One of the most significant differences is that the
> KIM used 6530s which were mask-programmed with their address decode
> information and ROM contents.  This means that if a KIM 6530 breaks,
> you have to get one for a KIM, there is no generic one.  In all PETs,
> there are ROMs, but no 6530s, meaning that when a VLSI chip (6520,
> 6522...) breaks, you just drop a new one in from anywhere; when a ROM
> breaks, you drop that in, or a compatible EPROM.  Also, the PET is
> more than just RAM, ROM, and video - there's the tape interface, the
> keyboard interface, the User Port, and the IEEE interface.  Very
> different from a KIM.
> -ethan
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