cbm 8296 (was 8700-009)

From: B Degnan (billdeg_at_degnanco.com)
Date: 2006-09-23 11:57:59

Speaking of which, I just got the weirdest 8296 yesterday.  It has 
the 8032-type chassis but it's labeled 8296 on the back.  An embedded 
disk 5  1/4 drive is on the side of the monitor positioned vertically,
not below like a typical 8296D.  It's an OEM model sold by Malvern,
a company in England.  
It also has a coax connector and custom ROMS, etc.  It's not functioning 
at the moment.  I will be working on it to see if I can get it running.
I have a power converter for the UK.  I have to clean and re-assemble 
some of the parts that have shaken loose over time, first.
Bill D 
>> Recently I received some ICs. One MOS IC has the code 8700-009,
>> production date 2184. Does it ring a bell for someone?
>> It is a 8700 PLA (programmable logic array) as found in e.g. a 8296.
>> See near the end of this document:
>> http://www.sothius.com/hypertxt/additional/cbm8296addition.html
>It's equivalent to a 82S100.

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