Magic Voice got emulated

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2006-09-11 16:09:10

Hi All,

I know not many of you are true plus/4 enthusiasts, but
this one might be worth checking: the new version
of Yape has the Toshiba 6721A LSI emulated,
in other words, true "tragic" voice emulation :-) 

I'd like to thank those people's efforts who scanned the T6721 
data sheets way back in 1999, Bo Zimmerman for the 
ROM & wave samples to test against, and last but not least 
Richard Atkinson for the Mos 8706 pinouts. I believe all 
these have been made available via this mailing list (?).

On a related note, if someone could design a Magic Voice-like
adapter for the 264 series, so that users would be
able to extend their plus/4's to a V364, that'd be cool (or:
phat :-) )
There are still a few sources of T6721 IC's out in the wild.


Most egy klikkeléssel megoldhatja lakásgondjait!

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