Re: cassette port dongle

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2006-08-28 08:41:26

On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 06:29:46PM -0700, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > I have one dongle, used by a compiled BASIC program on the PET.
> > I removed the protection with the help of VICE.  It wasn't trivial,
> > because the compiled BASIC code was a mess.  Also, the program computed
> > a checksum over itself.  Anyway, I succeeded, and I got the PET, printer
> > and disk drive for my effort.  The company now uses the program on a PC
> > running VICE.
> I'm curious -- what was the nature of the program? They sure wanted to
> get it running quite badly, it sounds.

I may have mentioned that 4-5 years ago, when I removed the protection.
It is an apparently Finnish program, "Valmisbetoni", for computing
mixtures of concrete.  They told me that the program is used a few times
per year when they get a new load of raw materials, with slightly different
parameters.  It could probably be ported to a spreadsheet program fairly
easily (if there had been clear documentation, that is).


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