Re: Diskcopy
Date: 2006-08-23 16:30:11

Hallo André,

> see if these help:

I downloaded the three PRGs and started to work with both of them. The 

  My CBM-HD reacted with a "FILE EXISTS" error after each track. Most 
probably I have to blame CBM-HD. My next trick was copying from drive 0, 
the 8050 floppy, to drive 1, 8250, floppy. The problem was that after track 

77 it kept on searching for non existing tracks using the bump method so I 
stopped the program to save my drive. I found the line that was responcible 

for this behaviour and changed the value 100 into 77. (Why 100? What about 
the 8250?) This worked out fine, no rattles. But after quite some time of 
copying and no error message, the target file on drive one was only one 
block ???

  Again the bump problem. Even worse, here it happened after every sector 
!!! But in this case I wasn't able to find the place where I could finish 
the loop :(

The most stupid thing is that I had a diskcopy program made by myself. The 
problem is I lost the Basic part :( I at least found this morning the ML 
part so now I have only to rebuild the Basic part again.

But an explanation how EMUTIL exactly works is still welcome! 

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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