Re: cbm 4032 14 inches enlightment

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2006-08-22 01:27:02

On 8/22/06, Gabriele Bozzi <> wrote:
> So,
> I will try my 8050 to see if it can work. If I do not go wrong the
> 8050 was manageable only by professional machines isn't it? Or was a
> basic 4 just enough?

BASIC 2 is enough (but you do a lot of "PRINT#15" stuff).  There's
nothing magical about an 8050... it's just a disk with more tracks and
sectors than a 2040 or 4040.  The DOS acts about the same (there are
some minor relative file differences), and certainly loading and
saving is the same.

The same goes for pretty much all Commodore disks.  There are some
differences between DOS 1 (2040), DOS 2 (4040), DOS 2.5 (8050...), DOS
3.0 (9060/9090 hard disk), but for simple directory stuff, loads,
saves, etc., it's all about the same.

> And about those inches.. We were talking about circular measures thus
> (hence the fat), not linear....

I think the "Fat" comes from the screen being simply wider than the
older 9" diagonal screens.


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