cbm 4032 14 inches enlightment

From: Gabriele Bozzi (mabuse68_at_gmail.com)
Date: 2006-08-21 21:00:54

Hallo list,

Last week I gathered in one of my "raids" a CBM 4032 sporting a 14  
inches monitor (ya, baby has a big head).
When the guy switched it on it chirped like an 8032 and, to my little  
astonishment, I found this evening that ,indeed, the motherboard is  
marked as 'ASSY 80320080' and somewhere is clearly written '80col'.

Sooo... I understand the video circuitry of the series 80xx is miles  
away from the one driving classic PETs monitors, what I do not  
understand is why Commodore had to provide an 8032 motherboard for a  
40 column product if just monitor size was concerned.
Even the keyboard is not a 'business' keyboard: all graphics symbols  
have been preserved... Why doing this if a 40xx specimen already  

Maybe was this machine upgradeable to 80 columns? Or just a freaky  
40xx serie's brother?
I cannot figure out for what was the extra effort being worth !!!

Please, somebody enlight me ;-)


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