Re: Sorry 14 --> 12 inches

From: Gabriele Bozzi (
Date: 2006-08-21 21:47:09

For God's sake you are right :))))

But, on this planet (if astronomers still consider the Earth a
planet), who is the m**on selling you a p***s shrinker? If you have 14
inches you won't go to 12, and less and less to 9!!!

Lucky me I was not talking about an Osborne1 ;)


On 8/21/06, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:
> > Yea sorry, the PET was a 12 inches not a 14.
> You realize that the subject line almost sounded like a Viagra ad. :)
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Gabriele Nicola Bozzi
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When Scott Granneman approached the FreeBSD booth at LinuxWorld his
first question was, "So, what's FreeBSD doing here at LinuxWorld?"
Without losing a beat, the FreeBSD guy responded, "Actually, in an
alternate universe, I'm attending BSDWorld and there's one Linux
booth. However, my transporter malfunctioned 'cause it was running
Linux, and so here I am."

Best nerd one-liner I've heard at the show

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