Manuals without software
Date: 2006-08-08 14:04:23

Hallo allemaal,

As said before, I'm scanning all kind of material I gathered in the years. 
I found some manuals but, AFAIK, I don't have the software that goes with 
it. I checked Internet of course, but nothing (otherwise I wouldn't address 
you :)
I found the manual of:
- Compiled Basic, Oxford Computer Systems LTD.
   Internet mentioned PetSpeed in combination with OCS.
- System 96, Drive Technology
- Edex 4.2, Eristel (?)
- The Manager. For the C64 as well as the CBM
If it does ring a bell, please tell me.

I will provide a list the moment it seems I'm finished. I only wonder how 
I'm going to distribute it. As we are talking about Gigabytes, it seems 
that only DVD's can be used.

   / __|__
  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
  \ \__|_\

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