Re: Source for 6526/8250/1772
Date: 2006-08-05 22:13:39

On 2006-08-05, at 21:49, André Fachat wrote:

> Von:
>> On 2006-08-05, at 20:22, André Fachat wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> anyone has an idea where (in Germany or Europe) to get
>>> 2MHz 6526 or better 8250
>> My best source for 8520s are defunct A500s. Get a couple off eBay for
>> example. Chances are some port ICs survived in them.

> Are the 8520 from the A500 spec'd for 2MHz?

If that was determined by the letter "A" then certainly I recall them  
being. ATM I am not sure if A500 _required_ those but as usual with  
CBM they loaded the products with whatever they had at hand so  
YMMV... ;-)

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