Re: Re: ROM 901225-01 and CBM-II series

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2006-07-26 08:36:22


IIRC the CBM700 uses a 6545 CRTC, and the character set is 
hardwired in the schematics, so you can not modify the 


Von: William Levak <>
> On Tue, 25 Jul 2006, Anders Carlsson wrote:
> > Would the application software (that I don't have) somehow utilize the
> > character ROM in the cartridge as a copy protection? That is my best
> > guess, and that Commodore/Handic used a ROM chip they had plenty of.
> That is a possibility, but I can think of others:
> The cartridge could work in a mode where the onboard character set is 
> swithched out, in which case it would need to supply another character 
> set.


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