Re: Clearing EPROMs: How much time to lay in the sun?

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2006-07-20 00:37:55

Hej allihopa!

Getting out of lurker mode :)

Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Speaking of EPROM programmers and erasers; I have a bit of money that
> need to be used up and I looked into how much a modern programmer and
> eraser costs.. Programmers starting at $320-390, erasers at $160.
> Sheesh, maybe I don't really have that kind of need, or I'm looking
> at the wrong places (ELFA in this case).

I use this one:

Easy to build (I had never built any electronics before, built it in a
few hours, it worked right away!), but I see that has become a bit more
expensive since I bought it.

I bought an eraser at an electronics store here in Göteborg. Cost less
than SEK 1000 IIRC. Can't remember the name of the store, though.
MagerValp, you know the place (you pointed me to it; the one in
Nordostpassagen). They have virtually everything that ELFA has, but at
much lower prices.

Niklas Ramsberg
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