Re: Clearing EPROMs: How much time to lay in the sun?

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2006-07-18 18:33:22

>Speaking of EPROM programmers and erasers; I have a bit of money that
>need to be used up and I looked into how much a modern programmer and
>eraser costs.. Programmers starting at $320-390, erasers at $160.
>Sheesh, maybe I don't really have that kind of need, or I'm looking
>at the wrong places (ELFA in this case).

Build this one:

Supports everything "we" need and is even OS-independent as it is 
entirely controlled through RS232.

Commercial programmers are just way too expensive these days; plus, to
my knowledge some of them even don't have official support by the
respective chip manufacturers, i.e. the used programming algorithms are
as good or bad as any other homebrew algorithm.

Another DIY alternative would be the well-known WILLEPROMMER which is 
actively marketed by a number of people on eBay.
>I do have an untested IEEE (1) based programmer that takes EPROMs of
>the types 2516, 2716, 2532.

How rather ancient :)


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