Re: Give all devices on a serial IEC bus unique numbers?
Date: 2006-07-16 18:18:25

On 2006-07-16, at 17:37, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:

> Don't know, if this is true, but I believe that 64'er
> once presented a prodecure where the numbers were
> given by the order in which the drives are switched
> on with the user's help .

Well, that's quite a different story, isn't it?


> Then again, reading from the R/W head with no disk
> inserted also may produce true random bits with
> unknown statistical characteristics.

I was (and still am) more like thinking aloud and I haven't checked  
what you get without the disk being inserted but I tend to believe  
that even with a disk in the drive you may get a (fairly - for this  
purpose) decent seed as no discs are identical, identically inserted,  
rotating with identical speed, spun-up at the very same time and read- 
out in the very same moment... Combine it with the timers drift and  
you may get "close enough" to a random.

> Would be cool, I don't have _any_ imagination, how
> such an nearest-drive-on-the-bus-gets-lowest-ID
> algorithm could work at all.

Neither do I ;-)

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