Re: Re: WTD: tandon 603s or 602s

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2006-07-06 08:04:50

On 7/6/06, "André Fachat" <> wrote:
> the card is on this page:
> under "I/O boards".

Having looked at that, I think the SASI part of the D90x0 DOS board
isn't any more complicated than that, and perhaps a great deal simpler
(I don't think SASI supports parity, for example).  I probably have
some 74LS280s lying around  - they might do for a one-chip parity
generator.  Other than that, it all looks rather straightforward.

Of course, the other way to go about it is to build an entirely new
device, as some folks have done lately, with a C= interface on one end
and Flash storage or something similar.  I think it could be done with
some reasonably fat microcontroller, but it would have to have enough
I/O to do IEEE-488 (and/or IEC) out one end, and SCSI out the other -
something a traditional CPU might be better at, though.

It probably wouldn't be that hard to implement a D9090 emulator from
scratch using one CPU and a SCSI chip like a 5380 or 33C93, or even an
IDE socket (but I think SCSI'd be easier to do with an 8-bit
processor) - I'd say there's no reason to implement relative files, or
even USR files - just the standard DOS commands and SEQ and PRG files
to start.  Might be easier than hacking a rare drive like the D90x0.


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