Re: WTD: tandon 603s or 602s

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2006-07-01 17:41:16

Andre Fachat wrote:

> I recently got a 9090, according to the source with a substituted disk
> (225 I think - I didn't have a look into it so far, waiting for the holidays...)

Yes, that was what it said when I opened it to look closer. I found the
hard disk was much slimmer than the 602S disks, which got me curious.
Also, I found the total capacity of the drive was more like 5 than 7.5 MB.

No idea what kind of jumpering had been made to convert a 9090 to a
9060 wannabee, but I'm sure other list members with more experience in
these matters could point to a document for Bill to follow if he wants
to fit a 225 into the hard disk.

Anders Carlsson

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