Re: 8088 card, was RE: New Member Hello

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2006-06-26 18:40:00

>> I don't think that the original 8088 co-processor 
>> works on a newer 720 without further modifications of the 720.
>Eh, why ??? 
>I myself have a 710 and IIRC things worked fine. But I also was a bit 
>disapointed how complicated the whole design was. I expected something 
>as simple as the CP/M card for the C64. 

This is what I have read from the CBUG newsletters.  Only a certain 
"white" PLA will allow the original 8088 co-processor from the Commodore 
labs to work, and only on the high-profile B's.

I have only tried on these systems.  You can't fit the co-processor 
into a low-profile system anyway, too big.   I am guessing that we're 
not talking about the same co-processor card.


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