RAM problem (P500)

Date: 2006-06-25 18:32:16


I'm working on my P500. After I bought it I found out that it had no RAM
at all. This weekend I installed 16 sockets and 16 RAM chips. After
turning on the P500 I got the boot screen after about 5 seconds.

When I type in a small BASIC program with a PRINT statement I can do a
LIST and the program is listed normaly. But when I run it prints garbage
on the screen. Also variables are not handled right.

If I POKE from 0 to 2047 I can PEEK back the right value but above 2047 I
get wrong values back.

Is this a problem with the RAM chips or with the MUX (4 x 74S153).

Does anybody have an idea ?


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