Re: 6567 wanted
Date: 2006-06-25 04:23:56

In a message dated 06-06-24 12:07:33 EDT, you write:

<< 6567 is the trouble shooter. Living in PAL land, this IC is very rare over 
here. Is there anybody in NTSC land willing to send me one, or better two 
(reserve)?  I can send 6569's in return, or other IC's. >>

I have a surplus of 6567's. $5 should cover shipping worldwide, or exchange 
6581's or 8580's.  Let me know. Rolf

PS: awhile back, someone inquired about a 901227-01.  I came across two 
boards containing them. If the interest is still there, I'll unsolder and test 
them.  Rolf

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