Re: PC-Flop
Date: 2006-06-22 12:45:52

> It also looks as if my GCR encoding/decoding routines don't work right: if I
> encode 4 bytes and decode the result again, the resulting 4 bytes are not
> always the same as the beginning. Anyone willing to share his sources so I
> can see where I am going wrong? Many thanks in advance!

This is cool, can you send me a picture of the schematics and software? :)
For GCR-Decoding, this has long been done on the Amiga. An Amiga 5.25" drive 
can read 1541 disks straight away! And then you can connect your Amiga harddisk 
to PC and read it via Linux!

Look at the freeware:

1541.lha           misc/emu    32K 555 Read 1541 disks with a 5.25 drive

which can be found at (aminet), or Google.
> For anyone with more phantasy then me, I don't like the name PC-Flop. Anyone
> has an idea for a better name?

"8 seconds PC burstcopy/archiver" would be a nice name... :-)


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