Re: opencbm 0.4.0 on recent Linux kernels?
Date: 2006-06-22 00:11:26

On 2006-06-18, at 17:22, Tim Schürmann wrote:

>>>> has anyone successfully built opencbm 0.4.0 under recent 2.6.1x  
>>>> Linux
>>>> kernel?
>>> Yes, on SuSE 10.0 with Kernel 2.6.13.
>>> Did you get an error message on your system?
>> Yes, but I didn't have time to study the reasons. Wanted to know if
>> it should compile at all first. Will come back to it then. Did you do
>> anything special or it just compiled OOB?
> I just compiled it OOB, but there are maybe some pitfalls:
> If you get a message about missing sgmltools or something regarding  
> the
> documents and/or if you get a message about an missing "mnib"
> then just ignore these messages. The docs and the additional tool  
> "mnib"
> won't be build, but the rest is working as it should (these two parts
> aren't neccesary).
> Another problem could be the compiler; but I didn't know which version
> leads to a compiler error (Spiro?).

AFAIR it was a problem during linking phase and ld has thrown the  
error message. Should be able to check it more thoroughly within a  
week or so, thanks.

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