Re: Broken PET 8296-D

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2006-04-30 11:15:10

Hi, wrote:
> All the brooken ones I had in my hands had failing PLA's. I checked that by 
> exchanging them with the PLA's of a working 8296. And Jens Schoenfeld can 
> deliver PLA replacements AFAIK.

Unfortunately I believe he can't. I have some of his SuperPLA 
replacements, but they don't support the 8296 (yet). Of course he had 
access to all original PLAs for reading them out (8296, CBM-II, P500, 
...), but he didn't implement those yet. And the Plus/4 PLA is said to 
have timing problems with the replacement, because there is an external 
feedback installed.

I made a replacement for the "small" PLA with a GAL chip. The document 
can be found on Funet/Zimmers.

And here you can read how to make replacements from EPROMs:

In the 8296 the "small" PLA can be removed and disabled for test 
purposes, effectively downgrading it to a plain 8032.


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