Broken PET 8296-D

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2006-04-29 23:35:33


Some of you already know that I today went to pick up a few PETs and
accessories for the people who made explicit requests. One of the
machines I picked up was a PET 8296-D, which to me seems like a
rather all-in-one PET with computer, disk drives and monitor in

However, unlike all the other machines, this particular one doesn't
boot properly, which I knew already when I picked it up. I could
replace with with some other PET, but this was the only one of this
kind. The question is whether I am able to fix it, or if it even is
worth shipping it as a broken PET to anyone who would be able to fix
it up. The symptoms are as following:

The computer chirps at power-on, and both drives power up shortly.
The red LED in between them goes green. The display shows a scrolling,
green pattern that doesn't look like character data:

It doesn't seem to boot into Basic; at least commands like CATALOG
doesn't make effect. I have opened the machine and gently pressed on
all socketed chips in case they had came loose. No difference, but
maybe it is not enough to press gently?

I found some docs on Zimmers (former Funet) FTP and a very detailed
description of the 8296 motherboard (the version without disk drives):

Does anyone have suggestions where to start checking for faults, or
should this machine be considered for parts or junkyard?

Anders Carlsson

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