Re: reading status channel in ML
Date: 2006-04-21 18:25:01

On 2006-04-21, at 13:50, Greg King wrote:

> Think about FOR...NEXT loops in BASIC.  When you use several of them
> together, they must be "nested:"
> OPEN 15,8,15 is the same as OPEN 15,8,15,"".  If FNLEN ($b7)  
> weren't zero,
> then we would have OPEN 15,8,15,"<garbage>".  If you remember that  
> one way
> to send DOS commands is:
> OPEN 15,8,15,"<command>": CLOSE 15
> then you can see why you got "30, SYNTAX ERROR".

Yes, thank you. I also already cleared that. It was just that having  
a bug in a different (supposedly already well-tested) part of code  
and spending overtime on this issue, I started to doubt everything  
when I couldn't get such simple thing to work reliably...

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