Re: 6502 VHDL core?

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Date: 2006-02-24 00:03:34

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> recently I have found that it is getting difficult to get original
> 6502s (NMOS). I had the idea to use an FPGA with a 6502 VHDL core, and
> of course someone else had this idea before :-)
> I found one on
> Does anyone have experience with this or VHDL/FPGAs in general?
> Any hints on which system might be easy to use (e.g. programmable by
> RS232)?

I don't have any practical experience with this yet, but with the free
toolset from Xilinx, you should be able to enter VHDL or Verilog and
compile it to one of their parts.  Charmed Labs makes a board for a
GameBoy Advance that adds a Xilinx FPGA and they have samples and
tutorials describing the process.  That might be of assistance to you.
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