Re: USB to IEEE-488 adapter

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2006-02-08 21:45:29

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> It should also be mentioned that commercial products are also available,
> e.g.

But NI is $$$!

I wrote a PC program for an older ISA bus NI card that accesses a CBM8x50 or
SFD1001. I needed major tweaks around the NI driver model to make it work.
e.g. the NI cards keep ATN active most of the time (this is part of a
multi-controller protocol), but then the CBM drives just seem to hang.

I ended up using the low-level commands to send bytes to the bus with or
without ATN, and deactivating ATN with a command that actually puts the
whole card into a sort of idle mode.

So, I don't think NI cards are worth their money for "our" purposes. And
probably an open source DIY hardware offers possibilities that the
overpriced NI range can't.

Of course, for lab purposes NI rules, if you can afford it. The project
mentioned seems to be motivated just this way. 


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