Re: C64 Character ROMs

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2005-12-19 13:28:06

MagerValp wrote:

> I couldn't find any SE/FI roms on zimmers,

Try /cbm/firmware/characters/

Interestingly, the Japanese C64 charset is *not* in that directory,
but in the C64 specific one. In the VIC-20 case, files seem duplicated
across the two directories.

To answer Christer's question, I wonder if there were any more official
C64 localizations than Swedish/Finnish and Japanese? Cameron on SWoC
has a reference to a never released German kit, and of course the
Argentinian Drean computers, but I don't think they have any different
characters or keyboard layout than the US version.

I always thought the reason why Datatronic was allowed to officially
issue and sell a Swedish mod was that they had a strong local market
share in form of the PET sales and were independent co-operators with
Commodore, unlike other countries where maybe it was just a general
agent who imported the Commodores with no stronger affections.

Anders Carlsson

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