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From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2005-12-15 22:21:40


While this is not a buy and sale list, I wish to make an exception.

Tonight, I visited a man who used to be a Commodore reseller as well as
having his own program development company, working towards Datatronic,
the Swedish Commodore agent during 197x-1985.

I went to his house in hunt for VIC-20 and perhaps C64 items, and found
a bunch of stuff, described more in detail on the Denial web forum.

However, his basement and garage are crowded with PET stuff. Computers
like 3032, 8032-SK, 600, 700 and perhaps more. He needed some space in
the garage, and has already thrown away a lot of CBM 600/700 series!

Disk drives like dual 3040, 8050, 8250, 8050LP and I don't know all the
model numbers, as I have never been much into the PET/IEEE series. Hard
disks like 9060 and 9090 (or did I misread?). Some 3rd party hard drives
called Corvux or something like that. No IEC based (1541 or newer) disk
drives though.

Printers. Monitors. Lots of business software, floppies a mass. Docs.
PET printer switches. Modems. Everything was so tightly piled, that I
don't even know what's behind all those PILES of disk drives. Most are
supposed to be OK too. He even has a small selection of motherboards
and loose chips, mainly 6502.

He also had a few C64 and slightly more loose VIC-20s with assorted

So the question is, is this stuff worth buying? I realize the shipping
would be a lot of money, probably more than he is asking for the items
themselves as he said he is happy if they can come to use.

I don't have a complete inventory, partly because I didn't know if there
is any major interest in this kind of stuff, and because it was close to
impossible to inventory it all.

He has had this stored like this for 10+ years, and just recently begun
to clean out the garage and basement to have room for his new hobbies and
grandchildren. I suppose it is no immediate hurry to pick up the stuff,
but it shouldn't wait too long.

I suppose the best thing is if interested parties answer me privately.
At least when it comes to disk drives, I can almost guarantee there is
enough for everyone.

Best regards

Anders Carlsson, Sweden

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