Re: C2N232 availability?
Date: 2005-12-14 15:45:25

On 2005-12-13, at 12:08, Marko Mäkelä wrote:

>>> I described the first results on c.s.c. but in the meantime I found
>>> one (quite cheap) adapter that actually works under Windows2k. I'll
>>> tell you the details later when I rip it apart to see what's inside
>>> or when I connect it to a GNU/Linux machine to check what gets
>>> recognised.
>> Actually it's the "Prolific", which seem to work under w2k.
> You mean the one that is driven by the pl2303 kernel module on Linux?

Yes. On attaching this converter, the PL-2303 gets recognised and the  
appropriate module gets loaded. Not that it makes it work properly  
though :-(

> I tested such a device about two years ago, and I had some problems
> with it both on Mac OS X and Linux. I didn't test it on Windows.

The results so far are that the only one that works under OS X is the  
Keyspan. Under Windows it is the Prolific and under GNU/Linux... none  
so far :-( [*]

> Did you test the adapters on Linux yet?

[*] Yes - with the exception that I still didn't get the Keyspan  
initialised properly so I can't be conclusive but ATM the results are  
as follows:

		OS X	GNU/Linux	w2k
Keyspan		O	?		X
Prolific	X	X		O
Cypress		?	X		?

where "?" means either lack of driver or driver initialisation  
problems, "O" means OK and "X" means doesn't work properly.

Speaking just for me, I don't think I have Linux blinders on my eyes.  
I can see other platforms, but I *choose* to ignore them on the  
theory that if I ignore them hard enough they will go away.  - Eric  
S. Raymond

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