Re: C2N232 availability?
Date: 2005-12-12 12:34:59

On 2005-12-01, at 01:11, wrote:

> On 2005-11-24, at 18:04, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
>> BTW, for unlucky people like me who no longer have a serial port  
>> on their
>> main computer, there might be some hope.  I've asked Patryk  
>> (silverdr)
>> if he could test his Keyspan USB serial adapter on PC hardware.  That
>> adapter works fine with the C2N232 on Mac OS X.
> I described the first results on c.s.c. but in the meantime I found  
> one (quite cheap) adapter that actually works under Windows2k. I'll  
> tell you the details later when I rip it apart to see what's inside  
> or when I connect it to a GNU/Linux machine to check what gets  
> recognised.

Actually it's the "Prolific", which seem to work under w2k.

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