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From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2005-12-10 16:46:42

Please forgive an obvious or potentially stupid question, but doesn't that
mean that, since they are 16k X 1s, that they are 2k chips (16kilobits/8 = 2
kilobytes).  So, since I have 16 of them, wouldn't that make it a 32k

- Bo

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> Here is an interesting posting:
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> There were several makers that sported an xx15 type where the
> normal 16Kx1 dram was an xx16.  What these were, generally 
> but not in all cases, were products of a die shrink that 
> resulted in a shorter refresh interval.  That was certainly 
> the case with the MOSTEK 4115's.  Those worked famously well 
> in applications like the Apple][ which was a big seller at the time.
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> So, it seems to be a pin-compatible 4116.. I guess a 400ns
> item  from the part number you mention (which is not unusual 
> with the double nature of "phi" clocking of the 6502". I am 
> not a PET expert but imho the design of this machine did not 
> allow use of esotheric parts (different pin-count etc.). I 
> guess good old 4116s (provided access-speed copes) should do.
> Gabriele

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