Re: Bug found in C64?

From: Greg King (
Date: 2005-12-09 00:00:56

From: Rainer Buchty; on December 08, 2005; at 12:22 PM -0500
> > Interesting. So what operating systems use CR/LF? I always thought that
> > only PCs did (Mac, Amiga, C64: CR, Unix: LF); but, at the time the
> > KERNAL was written, PCs didn't exist yet. CP/M perhaps?
> Not sure about OSes, but CR/LF is, traditionally speaking, the correct
> way 'cause, on the old TTYs, you had to first return the carriage (CR),
> and then advance one line (LF).

From: Rainer Buchty; on December 08, 2005; at 12:26 PM -0500
> > CR without LF is useful to print a line or word two times, so it
> > appears bold, or to print one character over another, so o+' becomes .
> Although, I think BS (\b) would be of better use here, as you don't need
> to waste plenty of time for printing spaces, and also can replace
> "synthetic" characters on the fly (e.g. =o \b ).

Back then, RS-232 printers were built for mainframes and mini-computers
(not micro-computers).  Their OSes sent that traditional end-of-line

Backspace worked on character printers, but it did not work on line
printers.  Those devices slapped an entire line onto paper, as fast as they
could -- they could not back up in the middle of a line.  They needed to
start at the beginning of the line, in order to over-print something.

I, too, am so incredibly ancient that I remember seeing actual little steel
bowls hiding inside of tele-typewriters.  When little metal hammers hit
them, they said, "ding!"  ...

... Ah, memories.  :-)

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