Re: Bug found in C64?

From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2005-12-08 13:05:16

Michael Steil dnia 08 gru 2005 o 08:42 +0100 napisa│:
> >Only BASIC does it.  It is designed for RS-232 printers.  They are  
> >designed
> >for operating systems that always send both control characters.
> Interesting. So what operating systems use CR/LF? I always thought  
> that only PCs did (Mac, Amiga, C64: CR, Unix: LF), but at the time  
> the KERNAL was written, PCs didn't exist yet. CP/M perhaps?

I'd say that not operating system but printer matters :). When printing
CR is Carriage Return and LF - Line Feed, not just markers for end of line.
CR without LF is useful to print a line or word two times so it appears bold
or to print one character over another so o+' becomes ˇ.



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