Re: Problem with 9V/12V
Date: 2005-12-07 21:50:52


The fuse would blow if there was a short in the board or if there were a blown chip that sucked such amount of current. Even if there were no fuses, something drawing high current would get very hot, if not blown -- so you could find it very easily. 

Are you sure that you measured AC voltages in the AC setting, and DCs in the DC setting of the voltmeter?


2005.12.06. 23:26-kor MagerValp  <> írta: 

>   * With the fuse removed, I measure 9.4 VAC across C21.
>   * With the fuse in place, I measure 2.0 VAC across C21, but this
>     fluctuates a bit (0.6 - 2.1 VAC).
>   * With the fuse in place, I measure 0.15 V across pins 2 and 3 on VR1,
>     the 7812, and this also fluctuates a little.
>   * I tried removing the VIC and the SID, which I believe are the only
>     9/12V ICs, and it didn't have any effect.

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