DTVMON 0.1 released

From: Daniel Kahlin (
Date: 2005-12-03 17:35:17

Hi, ML-monitor on the loose...

DTVMON is a machine language monitor for the C64 DTV (currently only V2).
It will start on a V1, but the new opcodes are only correct for a V2.

Features (version 0.1):
   * Simple, efficient and compact...
   * Additional DTV V2 opcodes.
       SAC #imm ( Set ACcumulator mapping )
       SIR #imm ( Set Index Register mapping )
       BRA rel ( BRanch Always )

To come soon...
   * Install as resident at $18000-$1A000.
   * Handle memory banking.
   * Handle DTV V2 registers.

It is based on CCS-MON by PHS (1986).

/Daniel Kahlin (tlr)

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