Re: USB-to-serial adapters (Re: C2N232 availability?)

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2005-12-01 10:48:28

Hi Marko! :-)

> It documents my frustration with the FTDI drivers.  The unsupported Linux
> driver and the supported Win32 driver have different sets of bugs.  There
> doesn't seem to be an active maintainer for the ftdi_sio driver in the
> Linux kernel, and the FTDI support only provided RTFM type answers without
> actually reading my questions, assuming I have done something wrong.

Yep, nobody likes to be spoilt by level 1 "support" people who don't 
even know what you're talking about (but they tell you to RTFM just to 
be sure). :-/

> I hope you can get XON/XOFF handshaking to work.  ...

I presume I won't need it... so I won't have to solve these problems. 
For me, standard rs-232 capability with hw (rts-cts) flow control 
is/will be be enough. The docs give pretty detailed explanations about 
how this works in the ft232 so I'm hoping this (at least) to be 
implemented in the drivers.

(No or buggy rts/cts flow control would render an USB/RS-232 adapter 
pretty useless anyway... this is another hope for me that this feature 
must work well in the drivers... we'll see it... :-) )



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