Re: Blue PET (was: Where to get 6522 VIAs?) + C64
Date: 2005-11-29 23:09:00

Hallo Richard,

On 29 Nov 2005 at 15:02, Bryan Pope wrote:
> I think he is talking about the colour of the monitor bezel.

Most CBM's like the 8032 have a white text on a black background. In this 
case it is gold on blue and, as Bryan already mentioned, the bezel (I see 
this word for the first time, in Dutch "omlijsting") is blue as well.

I uploaded an Eagle schematic plus its PNG to:

I made it to documentize my C64 designs but theoretically one could create 
his own board using this SCH. The SCH at the back of the PRG served as base 
and it is mentioned many times that it is errorous. I could check it 
against a real C64 but I think it would be much quicker if you mention them 
to me. 
I also will make the SCH's of the newer boards in the future.

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