Re: DTV 256 colors success!

From: Daniel Kahlin (
Date: 2005-11-27 22:30:15

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005, Daniel Kahlin wrote:

> On Sun, 27 Nov 2005, Nicolas Welte wrote:
>> Look here:
>> I replaced R14 with 680 Ohms as well, plus I added an extra 680 Ohm 
>> resistor to GND, from the junction between R14 and R16.
> Congratulations!  :)
> I saw your description on
> I understand that you still think the picture is a bit dark.  Did you try to 
> replace R12 with 680 ohms aswell?
> I think it could fix that.  By raising the black-level.

Didn't think before I wrote it, but that will actually lower the 
black-level.  Might be good though.  I added simulations of your fixed DAC
on my page so you can see for your self.

I still don't understand why the Chroma DAC works acceptably, weird. :/

@Nicolas: Do you have a schematic of the NTSC video-mixer?


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