Re: DTV questions

From: Daniel Kahlin (
Date: 2005-11-27 17:37:20

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> Daniel Kahlin wrote:
>> Luma uses 680/330.
>> Luma0 -> R14
>> Luma1 -> R18
>> Luma2 -> R22
>> Luma3 -> R12 or R26
> R26
> checked by removing R26. Picture was still there, but with strange colors.
>> Sync  -> R26 or R12
> R12
> I swapped the resistors for Luma 1,2,3 with the three 680 Ohm resistors. The 
> white on cyan is now actually readable! I think I can live with it now :)

Very good! :)
I'll update the schemati.
I will try this tomorrow, thanks for the info.

Did you fix the Chroma DAC aswell?   It has the same problem, the 1k and 
2k resistors should be swapped.  This doesn't seem to affect the colors as 
much as the Luma error, but if you set the configuration resistors for 
SATURATION to 3 instead of 2 it looks really bad.  On the reference 
schematic it is set to 3.

This picture shows where the configuration resistors (i.e the userport) 

I don't know which one that sets the Saturation bits, but the config on 
this board is $8b, and on the reference board it is $8f, so one should be 
changed from pull down to pull up.

I put some more info here:


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