RE: C2N232 availability?

From: Jack Rubin (
Date: 2005-11-24 22:51:27


Please add me to the list of those waiting (for a couple of years) for the
next batch of C2N232. I don't know what your minimum run will be, but I will
purchase 3 of them if that would help reach some magic number. If there is
no magic involved, I would still like to get 2 of them.

Thank you.


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> On Thu, Nov 24, 2005 at 09:14:10AM -0700, Richard wrote:
> > Marko, any plans to make another batch of C2N232 dongles soon?
> Yes.  Nicolas Welte is the one to ask.  I just wrote to him 
> this week to get a status update.  He already has the 
> cassette port connectors (the most difficult part to source). 
>  He had some issues with a zener diode circuit that should 
> allow the firmware to be flashed without setting any jumpers, 
> and he didn't know how to test the serial bus connection (to 
> be used later, if I get around to completing the experimental 
> firmware I wrote in the summer of 2003).
> Nicolas, can you estimate the schedule?
> BTW, for unlucky people like me who no longer have a serial 
> port on their main computer, there might be some hope.  I've 
> asked Patryk (silverdr) if he could test his Keyspan USB 
> serial adapter on PC hardware.  That adapter works fine with 
> the C2N232 on Mac OS X.  I even found a bearably priced (35 
> EUR) local source for them.  PCMCIA based RS-232 adapters 
> would work for sure, but they are out of my budget, up to 
> several hundred EUR. :-(
> 	Marko
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