Re: D64 with IDE64 and a parallel connected 1541... record beaten!?
Date: 2005-11-23 16:44:50

On 2005-11-23, at 11:17, wrote:

>>> Come on dudes, never heard of fast
>>> GCR routines?
>> If you minded reading one of the recent threads here, I even asked
>> about them. I'd be very glad if you enlightened me about the fast GCR
>> routines.
> You can disassemble just about any Dolphindos kernal, for  
> Dolphindos also
> decodes GCR pretty fast.

I shall have a look there but - frankly - after your recent post I  
expected that you have some ready routines, which can do in 2-3  
seconds what I need 10 for. Crawling through the completely  
uncommented disassembly will have to wait a bit.

> Then there was a 13 sec d64 copy on the Amiga, whose
> name I forgot, which came along with sourcecode and also had  
> extensive GCR
> decoding tables. It used a 5.25" drive on the Amiga to read 1541  
> disks.

It might give some light even if reading/converting on a non-8bit  
machine is not really relevant. I'll check Aminet but if you recall  
the name, I'd be glad to hear it.

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