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From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2005-11-03 15:46:16

Hallo allemaal, 

I want to create a Kernal of my own and I want to start with a base Kernal
that is documented as best as possible. But the only one I found is the one
Marko created in 1994. And that is not so well documented as I hoped for (no
offence meant).

So, is there a well documented listing of the C64 in e-text available

Thanks for any help!

The above is a part of my new 6510 -> 65816 project which on itself is not
going so good. In my very first designs I used buffers to seperate the 65816
from the rest of the C64. Having a bright idea three weeks ago, I thought I
didn't need them anymore so I removed them from the design. Only to find out
that that was a big error. As you know the 6510 is tri-stated the moment
PHI2 = (L). But that is the moment the 65816 outputs the addresslines
A16..23 at its data bus. And being tri-stated, there is no way to output
something...... So a lot of work is simply waisted :( OK, I started all over
again and I still have some hope to finish the design befor november the

One part of the design is to replace the Kernal, Basic, LoROM and HiROM with
SRAM. In this case the original DRAM-under-ROM idea is stil available. My
new Kernal provides you in the first place with a menu where you can choose
the Kernal you want to use, loads it from disk or another source, and there
you go. This doesn't sound that great, a big EPROM with some switches can do
the same. Its power can be found in the fact that it is very usefull for
people who want to develop a Kernal of their own: no more EPROM burning
I am also working on a '6510-only' version. The 65816 version used some
memory outside the first 64 KB to write (and to test-read) this SRAM. For
the 6510 version I use a trick.

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