Re: Is it a hard or soft sectored disk?
Date: 2005-11-02 13:01:59

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> Hi!
> Quoting Rainer Buchty <>:
>> I hardly ever used 5.25" HD disks and therefore memory might be  
>> tricking
>> me, but shouldn't they have an extra notch (just like the "writeable"
>> notch on the disk's side) on the bottom of the disk, so that HD  
>> drives
>> can distinguish them from DD disks?
>     No!  No extra notch on 5.25 inch high density disks.

Actually quite the opposite would be more true here... most of the DD  
diskettes in my collection were 1541 formatted (single head) and as  
such have the second write-enable notch cut out, while HD ones are  
only msdos formatted (two heads) and have only single notch... :-)

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