4 those with IDE64 and a parallel connected 1541...

Date: 2005-10-30 14:18:24

Hi all,

if you have IDE64 interface and parallel connection for your 1541 then


one can find the highly preliminary version of a completely new
d64 creation tool. Please test and report your results (if you dare ;-)


Short:    1541 with parallel cable disk image (d64) creator for IDE64
Author:   silverdr@wfmh.org.pl
Uploader: silverdr@wfmh.org.pl
Type:     disk/misc
Replaces: none


This program allows relatively fast creation of the high level
Commodore 1541 disk images, widely known as d64s.

- C64 or C128 in C64 mode or compatible low-level capable emulation
- 1541 with Speeddos style parallel cable connection
   (Speeddos, DolphinDOS 2, Burstnibbler etc.)
- IDE64 with enouogh disk space to hold the image

Known bugs and limitations of the current version:
- not as fast as it could/should be
- timer counts properly only up to one minute and is as inaccurate as
   the TOD timer in the 64 itself can be. Take the values reported
   with caution
- source and device numbers are hardcoded to #8 and #12 respectively
- destination image name is hardcoded to sdpard64test.d64
- no source disk errors handling i.e. only "clean" 1541 disks can
   be archived properly
- no destination disk errors handling (e.g. no checking for the
   existence of the destination image file etc.)
- highly inoptimised. Both the peripheral and the host routines
   should be changed. Optimisations should allow to save at least
   about 10 extra seconds of the image creation time.
- sometimes on my 1541 I have a very bad readout with lots of errors
   while another run, without touching the disk goes smoothly. Don't
   know if that's a bug or my 20 year old hardware gimmicks...

- DolphinDOS3 parallel connection support
- disk error handling / d64 plus error tables support
- user interface
- persistent preferences
- optimisations
- support for serial bus drives as destination devices

- disk image to 1541 extraction companion program

For more info mailto:silverdr@wfmh.org.pl

Version history:

0.4.1b (2005-10-30)
- first public release

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