Re: Announcing the VIC-TRACKER COMPO 2005!

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2005-10-22 20:37:07

Attila wrote:

>> Well, the TED has 16-bit frequency divider registers, which
>> is a luxury compared to the 7-bit registers of the VIC-20.
> Well, it's not 16 but only 10 bits, and the frequency interval
> is also tighter than that of the VIC.

Ayep. What TED really lacks is low frequencies (bass). I remember
the lowest frequency one can obtain without special tricks would
be A1, 110 Hz or so? The lowest voice in VIC certainly hits lower
notes than that.

I'm a bit surprised if there are no decent TED music editors,
considering that there even are Plus/4 versions of at least one
and maybe more SID music editors, for those with a SID add-on

It reminds me, on Funet (now: Zimmers) there used to be a game
of Battleships for the 24K expanded VIC-20. This game had a two
player mode using modems, but what is more interesting are the
docs mentioned that the game supported a SID chip at I/O space
I currently can't remember, but look up. I have mentioned this
from time to time, but nowhere else have I heard about anyone
interfacing SID to VIC-20, although I'm sure it is technically
perfectly possible and maybe quite "easy" to do? Since this list
is a bit techie, has anyone done this or have any comments about

Anders Carlsson

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