Re: Announcing the VIC-TRACKER COMPO 2005!

From: Grůsz Attila (
Date: 2005-10-21 21:36:27

Funny! I once heard a rather funky VIC-20 tune from
Cosine Systems. Curious what this will deliver!

Ever thought of the even more restrictive TED sound compo? :-)
It has "everything" you may need:
- 2 channels square wave
- 2nd channel optional white noise
- 8 levels of global volume

That's it :-) Oh yeah, we are still missing a decent tracker for
the CBM 264 family, but a reduced port of the Vic-20 version
would be possible ;-)


Daniel Kahlin wrote:

> Daniel Kahlin hereby announces the VIC-TRACKER COMPO 2005!
> (
> VIC-TRACKER COMPO 2005 is a friendly competiton to squeeze out some
> interresting music and sounds from one of the most restrictive sound
> hardware produced.
> The Vic-20 has 3 channels of square wave, one channel of noise, and
> a 4-bit global volume.  The frequency is determined by a 7-bit value
> for each of the 4 channels.  The three square wave channels have
> different frequency ranges. they are one octave apart.
> - Entries must be composed in VIC-TRACKER.
>   (
> - A real vic-20 is preferred, but using an emulator is encouraged if
>   you don't have a vic-20.
> - The Competition starts Saturday October the 22nd, 2005.
> - Entries must be submitted before Thursday December the 1st, 2005.
> - Visit the VIC-TRACKER COMPO 2005 page for complete rules.
>   (
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       Message was sent through the cbm-hackers mailing list

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