Blue Chip 1541 clone

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2005-10-11 14:39:46

I normally don't pay a huge amount of attention to the model and ROM  
cataloguing aspect of this list, but I'm in the middle of moving  
house at the moment, and was reminded that I own a curiosity that may  
be of interest to list members.

It's a 1541 clone made by Blue Chip Electronics, model BCD/5.25,  
serial number 70506403, made in Korea.  Are these familiar to anyone  
else in the list?  All I know of it's provenance is that my parents  
bought it for us kids when I was a teenager in the 1980s.  If there's  
any interest I could extract the ROMs.

A quick google shows up a photo of one from George Page's drive  
collection at 
gpage1.html, and some arguments on comp.sys.cbm some years ago as to  
how reliable they were or were not, and not much else.  FWIW, I never  
had any problems with mine.  (it's the model with the latch on the  


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