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From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2005-10-10 09:07:16

On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 11:43:33PM +0200, wrote:
> I also remember seeing once a complete chart of rasterline numbers  
> for the 64 in both PAL and NTSC, which I also didn't find now but  
> this question is more easy as I am looking for info on the  
> differences in rasterlines numbering.

Maybe you're looking for the VIC-Artikel (German) or VIC-Article
(English) composed by Christian Bauer some ten years ago?  It's
based on measurements by Andreas Boose and me, among others.

> Do both versions have the same numbering at the top (first raster part)
> and differ only in the bottom part (when 9th bit kicks in)?

If I remember correctly, the 6567R5 and R56A have 64*262 cycles and
newer NTSC chips (6567R8 and later) have 65*263 cycles.  I would
assume that the 6566 (used in the VIC-10 aka Ultimax) is similar
to the 6567R56A.  All PAL chips should be 63*312 cycles.

Has anyone seen a 6567R7 or a chip earlier than 6567R5?  Or a 6569R2,
for that matter?  I've only come across to 6569R1, 6569R3,
6569R4 (rare) and 6569R5, and of course the newer HMOS chips.

> Or are the lines also differently numbered in the upper part?

Please check the VIC-Article.


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