(Z)80 and 6502 assembler for CP/M?

From: Magnus Eriksson (mage2254_at_thedreamer.nospammail.net)
Date: 2005-09-02 11:22:49

  I remember a thread here some time back regarding CP/M, and that
someone was looking for a "double assembler" similar to the one
("Double-ass"?) available for the C128s native mode, so I thought I
should mention here what I just found.

M801.COM      MACRO-80 with 6502 code gen option via the .6502

I guess this is a patched version of what is mentioned slightly below:
M80.COM        Microsoft MACRO-80 v3.44 (09-Dec-81)

The related news item from the front page:

18Dec00 Added a good version of FTL Modula/2 for CP/M-80 as well as a
        version of M80 that will emit 6502 instructions when triggered
        by a
        assembly directive.  Aztec C v1.06D Professional for CP/M-80 was

  Looking back at the list archive, it seems the post I was
thinking of probably was more than 2.5 years old.  Oh well.
Perhaps someone is still interested.  The assembler in question
seems to be nearly 25 years old (at least), so what's a year or
two..  :-)

  It seems that the entire Walnut Creek CDROM (which I remember
being mentioned last time I was looking for CP/M stuff) is online
too, in cpm/cdrom/ .

  I don't suppose anyone here would know of some CP/M guide
specifically for C128 owners?  (or other recent newcomers)  I've
been able to boot, but knowing the system, setting it up for
development and being able to extend it is quite another thing.

Have fun,

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